Bruce Robert Hill

Production Design / Art Direction  for Features, Commercials, Television and  Streaming Content

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Bruce Robert Hill



For over 25 years, Bruce has worked in the film and television industry as a production designer and art director and has had the good fortune to collaborate with some of the top directors, producers and filmmakers in the business.

  A native of the Bay Area, Bruce grew up in Berkeley California. Although his family produced two generations of architects, he was drawn early on to the performing arts.  After graduating from San Francisco State University, he made a full turn toward scenic design for the theater and began working professionally for theaters in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Bruce was eventually drawn to the Los Angeles area when he landed a position at the Mark Taper Forum.  It didn’t take long before Bruce discovered the Hollywood film and television industry.

  Bruce began in film as a set designer honing his drafting, sketching and model making skills; he quickly moved up to art director, and, ultimately, production designer. As a production designer, Bruce takes his keen sense of form and visual style coupled with his show business and logistical know how to produce a look that is at the same time visually rich, budget conscience and production friendly.  Bruce’s keen eye, his practical knowledge in the craft of designing and building scenery, blended with his many years of experience in the industry make him an exceptional designer and an asset to any film, television,  or streaming content or  commercial production.


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